quick clip: phoenx fork quick test

killer quick clip//caught this over at the PHOENIX BLOG. looks like the fork is set to drop soon (end of sep). 425 a2c is legit. psyched on this//they got some color previews up over there too. head over and check it out.
looks like they got chrome in the mix///people are definitely gunna be psyched on that shit.

favorbikes grunge 1.0 by SPUN

here's one i missed from a few days ago. aside from sean riding those spun bars this brand is pretty "unknown" to me, but rico chang keeps dropping flicks for em.


this ones fucking epic//sights and sounds


some holy shit tech///that last rooTTs flick was just for the fuck of it, this one is some epic shit.

quick clip: ~@face

brad posted this one up on facebook//fucking solid slam. so true "never say last try"/"one more time" shit like that is a fucking curse. either way//psyched to see this guy back on his bike... and going for it.


here's a first look at a new SADIO stem in the proto phase. mike sent this through, earlier this morning. shit looks super sick//i dig toploaders. mike and dew will be testing these out for the next couple months leading up to production if they approve. coming from SADIO you know its quality, and testing from MIKE and DEW means if they dont fuck it up//you wont either. thanks a shitload mike for keeping us in the loop//psyched to see these hit the streets.
here's what mike had to say;

"no one else has ever seen this. the new sadio MTS "rocky" stem i designed should be released after Dew & Myself test it out for a couple months. my prototype was just mailed to me. the production model will be real sick. new graphic and the color way is gonna be wild.
word up"

thanks to mike///you heard it here first

time machine

take a trip back in time with musgrave. he dug up some old footage to bring some flashback type shit for you. some youve seen before some you havent//lots of familiar riders in here. i dig the steady flow of edits musgrave comes through with.

skate shiTT

roger skateboards brings high quality web flicks every time.


sasha just upped this shit. it says "he's back" but i dont know that ive seen him before haha. either way//check it.


heres some ditch jam footage, its not always about going huge and putting down some crazy shit... looks like good times and that ditch spot is pretty sick.

nick johnson

this one goes way back, but i dont think i posted it. i dont think we've seen anything else from this guy since then and he was killing it. he's also got a pretty solid skate flick up on youtube.

congo out front of citygrounds

not much in the way of fixed flicks this morning so im digging up some old shit. this ones killer//its epic how the crowd cheers when he does tricks. this also goes to show you how consistent congo is//making fixed tricks look easy.