matthew montoya: feelin it, killin it

definitely killing it///theres a shitload of hammers in this flick. must see TTv for sure. this shit is non stop, tricks on top of tricks... fast paced, packed, stacked, fucking sick edit.

jacob santos: feelin it

ive posted one before from this kid and i still cant get over the name thing haha. shits funny. looks like he's been at it, tricks stepped up from the last edit and lots of classic dtlb spots. the groms are coming in//hes only fuckin 14.

big wheel bmx

its not always about how big you go or how tech you get///edits like this are killer, get out and ride something different just for the fuck of it.


if you didnt catch this one elsewhere, its worth a watch//tammy gets tech and goes big, always kills it.

alex nunez

alex obviously went hard in the paint on this one. killing it for sure. some big threes in here and the ender is nuts. going big and doing it super smoothe. he is progressing real fast.

skate shiTT

0:18 and the ender are killer highlights in this one. after yesterdays dirt ride i had to throw in this grass rider. killer edit all around, some creative spots in here.

candyman and combs shimmy shimmy san jose

epic fucking quick clip. that first hop was huge//who doesnt love some doubles shit. wonka has been putting GRIME clips out nonstop since he moved west.

mashafix presents marwin "wizard" ou

this is sick// MASHAFIX(jahrome) is killing it right now. nonstop entertainment coming from him. he got out to film with wizard and snagged some killer clips. marwin still has his signature flatground style, he hasnt had the coverage he deserves lately, but its good to see he still kills it. keep watch//mashafix will be continuing to drop web flicks... rumor has it theres a ~@brad edit in the works.

never give up

the trick at 0:49 is killer//haha.

bike check: katrina medina's unknown

caught this on facebook///looks like katrina has made the switch to an UNKNOWN frame. her build looks sick, i dig that raw w/ red fork setup. psyched//these frames are showing up everywhere.

coming soon for spun

heres one from last week that i missed a quick one from rico chang for spun