quick clip: //08//16//11//

shane just sent this one through//he is getting some epic shit dialed. most people arent coming in with that kind of style when they first get new tricks//so sick. look out for an edit soon, shanes been stacking footage.


paris looks good in the summer//these guys got some good spots and a good squad to roll with. tons of riders in this flick. that slider//cab3 at 0:25 is some standout shit, dude fucking whips it. sick shit from SNDTRCK

miska d.a.r.t. taiwan///lucas hong kong trip

more from MNWKATAIWAN lucas with a quick one//filmed and edited by kbirdie who's been keeping us entertained lately.

shiny side up

digging that nosie up off the ramp at 0:28///and the fact that this was filmed on an ipad kinda fucks my head up hahaha. saw someone at summerfix doing that... shit caught me off guard.

quick clip///rooTTs

donghoh is typically known for upping fixed shit//this time he comes through with some bmx and he's repping HALLOWAY . THIETH cant resist posting a quick clip.

skate shiTT

twice in one day//wtf. skate shit has been on cruise control lately. shake shit up and keep it interesting. this ones new and has some killer creative lines in it.


snatched this shit from THECOMEUP//had to repost, i dig this flick. lots of creative use in here and im a fan of FBM

skate shiTT

this ones for TJ//rumor has it he likes to read for the skate shiTT, and if you read BLOGGING MILES you already know rowley is one of his favorites. he's been killing it forever


the man, the myth, the shark haha. this guy really came up quick out of nowhere. its fucking sick how fast he's progressing. according to an email he sent through last night, he will now be getting @#$%^&*&^%$#$%^&)(*&^%$#@!@#$%$#@!@#$%^&*&^%$@... and sam clark keeps bring these edits to us. fucking sick//stay at it shark, you got the makings for big shit.


BBG posse just dropped some old footage. hamrick stacks footage like a motherfucker. theres a bunch of good clips in this, but that slam at the end is some shit. bbg stays killing it.

iminusd shorts

IMINUSD just dropped some new shit//solid riding in here, mostly park, some dirt, lots of hammers.


these PLANET HOPS bike checks are sick. yo get the whole part break down on the photo//see who rides em//clean photos. theres a bunch of these over at THEIR BLOG, so head over and check it out. its no wonder why i picked this one... fucking killing it//reppin that TT on the other side of the world. so sick.