sean coats///blood roll

this is sick//i think sean is getting his riding and editing style dailed real proper these days. i dig this flick, some fucking epic tricks in here for sure 0:32 - 0:48 is some of my all time favorite coats riding, and i dig the abrupt ending// must see TTv




summer throwaway

packy just upped some summer throwaway footage///perfect follow up to the flick i posted earlier. that fire extinguisher intro is classic. good shit/psyched to see packy holds it down hard in that #TTIGERBLOOD shirt.


i thought this was relevant since we just had one of fixed gears finest from the UK out here on holiday.

skate shiTT//eat shiTT

more from welcome to hell, probably one of the hardest slam sections out there. monday sucks///eat shit

wrahw welcomes oscar khan

theres no doubt in my mind that oscar fucks shit up///but this one packs some serious fire. wall rides/footplants/gaps/fearless riding like you never seen before. oscar is "taking america by storm". the ender is unforgettable hahaha. when WRAHW puts down a welcome edit you can expect the goods, but this ones on some next level all around. FUCKING KILLING IT.

ninja cats summer

anyone who underestimated the ninja cats can #HUYAMOUF now. this one brings shitloads of stacked footage//this posse is fucking dialed. head over to THEIR BLOG and follow.

grime tv 3

mikes been killing the web edit game since way back///these grime tv flicks are always sick if you know whats good. 1:10 is some killer shit, epic to see some creative riding. everyone grime and this one doesnt disappoint. must see TTv.

gabe and packy summer

these two hold it down hard for la//hit up some classic skate spots in this one. i dig the doubles shit they throw in the mix. this is for sure some next level shit from them///always keeping it interesting/keeping it fresh.

off TTopic: i found this in an alley

~@brad opened the doors of his dtlb space over the weekend. this should shed some light on what it is he does. get over there and check it out. jahrome//mashafix brings some inside views of how brad gets it done///both these stay further out there than you will ever get haha.

boothby all day

boothby is killing shit in this one///so many good tricks in here. that whip was sick whether he rolled away or not. clean filming and editing always makes an edit killer.

quick clip: matt montoya//fakie wheelie bar

the fakie wheelie saga continues...

leader shadow edit

i cant say ive seen a lot of broken leader shadows///but i dont think this frame hit the streets as hard as the mordecai. some summer shred from vance and his shadow.