off TTopic: kidult

kidult just dropped some new shit///this video is nuts.

grime: ed wonka mr carter

quick clip from wonka///always epic

michael chacon fixed gear tricks 2011

more of that signature twirly bird trickery from mike chacon, in slomo//bag advertisement style. stolen from PROLLY, the bigger better viking blogger.

the hisTTory channel: first fixed handrail

vince and i were talking about this shit last night so i thought id post it///most of you n00bs dont have a clue who mike carney is or have any idea what fixed bikes were like before pegs, 26" wheels, handrails, massive stairsets, and fixed freestyle specific frames. these two flicks were the first time we saw someone hit a handrail on a fixed bike///and if you had any doubts about vince's level of involvement or the understanding of fixed bikes that he translates into the unknown frames... this shit is two years old and he covered it #justsayin.


suzkid put this one together for shonen///another killer edit from him. some high speed flatground tech, even some og trackstand styles in here. sick edit.

3 tricks 3 homies

this edit is real fuckin sick. not just legit tricks in here, but some stylish riding. top notch flick//not too long, not short enough to be quick clip status.

skate shiTT

if you like skate shiTT and you never seen welcome to hell///you fuckin up.


i dig these TEAM RAT SHIT flicks///mickey marshall guest appearance in this one. heres what they had to say (lol);
"Lil Pat rides like no one else- A full definition of freestyle- Who else rolls up a dread lock and smokes it-"

vomit zine///london street riot

VOMIT ZINE is some new shit//they coming in as a video magazine. psyched to see where this goes. tons of riding from "across the pond". head over to their blog and check it out.

converse shoes and fixed bikes?

i have no idea wtf is going on here... but it looks like converse will be coming in for a piece of fixed freestyle?

"kids these days"

kids on fixed bikes are getting younger and younger

irvine fixed

irvine fixed stacked some footage for a longer edit///i think theres some repeated clips from the previous flick in here... but theyre staying on it.