mashafix//steven dunnuck//blkmrkt

dunnuck got out there on his new BLKMRKT frame to take advantage of some epic long beach weather and all local spots. i saw that picture of the bench ride on facebook///shit is sick... and some killer news to me, the man JAHROME is the one behind MASHAFIX. so sick, proud to keep it long beach///keep it local. dunnuck/jahrome killing it. sounds like these are available at CITYGROUNDS//head over and check em out.

a day with simon andraca

just caught this on youtube///sick edit of simon on his RADIO BIKES bomb track. high production value here. killer shots, killer riding, killer bike. psyched on this one. i wanna try one of those fuckers out. must see TTv.

n00bs: anton do

anton do putting in work on some grinds and shit. n00bs are gunna take over. looks like they got a mellow schoolyard to chillout at.


facebook is blowing the fuck up right now hahaha. i probably just feel like that cuz im finally in there. but EPIFFNY is throwing down some free shit for "likes" on there. head over to the EPIFFNY FACEBOOK and "like" some shit to win some shit. i like the use of "shit" on the flier///its one of my favorite words and shit. here's what clayton had to say.
"300 likes: 3 tees
500 likes: 5 tees + patches/buttons
1000 likes: 13 tees + patches/buttons
Like-A-Thon will end 8/20 so go tell your friends!"

get the fuck over there and "like" some shit

quick clip: bunnyhop

vance upped this slomo b-hop over a cutter frame.


finally some new shit from BANNED. some real killer lines in here///footplant 3's are the shit. they need to drop these budsaw sprockets in a splined version.
buy one for your bmx HERE

skate shiTT

sammy baca is fucking insane//barefoot bowl skating.

tee the reaper

killer ledge//stair spot in this one/covered too for that shade and rain hiding. solid tricks, good filming.


some new names riding some park///bmx and fixed. this park looks pretty killer for the pegged riders out there.