more from norcal///these guys love their fly outs. theres some fire in this flick. fuckin trucks in here//2011 is the summer of the fixed truck, so sick. 0:38 is the epitome of style.

wTTf: mixt meat X w hotel

this shit caught me way off guard///i mustve slept hard on it. BHSK just posted it up claiming its been on PROLLY and some other sites... totally missed it///totally dont know whats going on here. check it out if you havent already seen it everywhere else.


its good to see some new shit from GNARCOTIX, they been in this for a long time. making good use of skate parks and some street spots. killer to see some DESTROY being repped in there too. get psyched. norcal doin it.

"daysaster" featuring bat howell

NUCULT just upped this one. some crazy spots in here///that place at 0:14 is so sick.

austin eisenberg///fgfs

more from the grom scene///kids coming out of the woodwork.

bike check: xlife scorpio

caught this one on TRICKTRACK///epic build. killer colorway///not many of these out there. looks sick. here's the rundown;
FRAME: Xlife Scorpio V2 26"
FORK: W-Base Do A Trick fork
HANDLEBAR: Sinz 5.5”
STEM: BSD race Top load (flipped)
GRIPS: Fly Fino
SEAT: blank
CRANKS: Profile 175mm
SPROCKET: Profile 36T
PEDALS: Demolition
STRAPS: Royal Handmade Custom Foot Straps
TYRES: Geax Tattoo 2.3 front, Duro 1.95 rear
FRONT HUB: Shadow Conspiracy Rant with ghetto G.L.A.N.D
FRONT RIM: Chukker
REAR HUB: Resist 36h 14mm
REAR RIM: Chukker


the guys over at BBGKCMO now have a WEBSTORE///if you havent seen their shirts yet, head over and check it out. $19 is a nice price, support these guys, they do what you do. lets perpetuate this "cycle" of trading our money among eachother before the man shows up at this fixed gear party and takes this shit away from us with promises of mountain dew, redbull, and all the wheaties you can eat for the rest of your life.


some old/mainstream shit for a change. this is probably my favorite pink floyd song. pretty "far out" video too. not too much in the way of fixed edits today, so i gotta dig for other shit to bring the entertainment. upload some web flicks motherfuckers.

skate shiTT

caught this on facebook by way of a reader named finn last night. i think his description sums it up///this kid fucking kills it. if you like skate shit, dont miss this one///MUST SEE TTv.


swoo posted up some photos of his new BB17 4.5 inch rise bars. these things look pretty killer//and they're BB17 so you can expect quality. if you ride a bike with negative bb, you know whats up with tall bars, it makes a big difference. head over to SWOO'S BLOG for more pics and details.

off TTopic

stoked on fixed bikes 4

i know this shit isnt the latest news at this point///but this is a video blog. SOFB is always worth a look, so i gotta post it up. not much in the way of fixed freestyle flicks today anyways.


THIETH, you post way too much bone deth shit.

big wheel bmx

here's a quick one of some big bike shit///fuck around, chill out, keeping it interesting with some synchronized action.