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thats as official as it gets right now///follow him on facebook for more//im sure there will be some shit on WOLFDRAWN eventually to let us know where he ends up. 

sorry, baltimore

heres a second look at the recent comp brought to you by antimo. the posse at this even looks so sick. good shit went down and it looks like mike went hard in the paint for the win.


i dont think this shit got as much time on the front page as it deserved///so we coming with a toTTal repost. i fuckin love this build. 

add one more to the LDG roster///SEAN COATS took up an offer from LDG and this is his new whip. shit looks sick as fuck//this is one of the cleanest builds ive seen in a while. here's what sean had to say;

"Riding for LDG, not that anyone cares. Getting a welcome to the team introduction edit together soon, stay tuned."
 Frame: LDG Hammer
Fork: Leader Reaper
Bars: Spun 4"
Grips: Vans x Cult
Stem: Fit S2
Cranks: Unknown
Sprocket: Tree 39T
Pedals: Flossy ass Odyssey's
Straps: Burro Mudflaps
Front Wheel: Velocity P35 to an Unknown Hub
Rear Wheel: Velocity Cliffhanger to an Unknown Hub

thanks a shitload to sean for sending this through///thanks for keeping TTv in the loop. fuckin legit news/you heard it here first.

n00bs: randalavolio

young guns on fixed bikes are upping edits like every day///these are the tricks that the latest batch of n00bs is coming in with. i know its not the most refined edit, but this kid has potential. keep at it man.

quick clip: "sketchy tennis court line"

way too solid to be considered sketchy. "mad decent" line if you ask me.

the hisTTory channel: mike schmitt

this one goes back two years according to vimeo///shit was/is so sick. mike definitely blazed a trail for dual 26. back when i was doing bike of the month i put his dual 26 leader on blast. that shit blew me away, probably the most legit early dual 26 build that was out there.

big wheel bmx

fixed bikes arent that far off from this #justsayin///youknowwhatsgood.

bike check: mikehoe's bb17 charmer

mikehoe on trick track posted up this 700 charmer build///i dig an all black kit. this thing looks good. no build list, but check the DIY hub guards. clever shit. head over to TRICKTRACK and hassle him for not leaving us a build list.

skate shiTT

super good skate shiTT from a virtual unknown.


just a man and his burrito haha. musgrave go a little lonesome and threw together a solo edit. worth a check, some killer spots and killer shots.


pat wang brings some killer tricks to the table///on a side topic, if you are going to take content straight off someones blog, at least change the fucking title of the post stupid. the title "rooTTs" (specifically with two t's) is kind of a dead fucking rip off. dont be stupid. this shit takes work.

skate shiTT

FINN posted this shit up on facebook and his description pretty much covers it///fucking killing it. if you like skate shit this is without a doubt must see TTv.

tony k: a day in la

this flick is so sick///the posse in this one is fucking epic. tony k edits are always legit... he got crazy variety as far as people go in this one///epic team up. killer shit goes down. everyone is on point. fucking killing it.