36 styles of danger

BBGKCMO brings some unseen shit to the table///the comp in DC didnt get as much attention as some of the others, but the group that turned out is some of the hardest names in fixed. BBG covered the carnage, theres some sick clips in here.

summer sessions

SKID&DESTROY guys fucking shit up.


some bmx from bcn///waka flocka soundtrack

skate shiTT

dylan rieder keeping it fresh///lots of high speed skateboarding in here.

monday sucks///eat shiTT

us vs them welcomes steven jensen

looks like jensen signed his life away to UVT. super sick edit///as usual, this shit will fuck your head up. jensen kills it, psyched to see whats next with this team up. gus is in there too///he must be laying low getting his head in the fucked space for his next zine.

phillip williams - iceland

phillip just plain keeps this shit coming///so fucking killer to watch back to back flicks and see this guy progress. shark is going to fuck your shit up with this kind of dedication. sam stays on it too keeping the edits coming.

2011 summer in wakayama

some park shred from the other side of the world. a few clips from funny in there too.

big wheel bmx

theres some 20" in there too///

miska d.a.r.t. taiwan "lucas"

lucas of SDG put together this one for the MISHKA TAIWAN team