oh fuck its a video

quick clip: filipe motta

4 quick tricks with pepe



pierce chase: three throw away clips

it blows my fucking mind how young they are getting///this isnt the first from pierce and probably wont be the last. this kid gets after it.

skate shiTT

this is some real good high speed creative line finding skate shit at its finest.

mashafix: joe mckeag on his new whip

MASHAFIX just upped this flick of joe testing out his proto. looks like he's getting comfortable on it real quick. joe kills shit///always psyched to see some new mckeag footage.

matt reyes + sadio

SLUMWORM is a fucking powerhouse. i forget in between edits how hard he holds it down. this flick is proof, he's unstoppable. tons of tech, epic creative lines, serious, this is some of the best riding out there. sounds like he's in with SADIO now, head over to HIS BLOG for the details. fucking killing it.

velvart 26" fixed frame

i headed over to LOCKEDCOG for some details on that last edit and ran across this///dont know much about whats going on here, but theres a shitload of new frames coming out these days. click VELVART for more.

lockedcog: barbeque with the brigadier

edits like this are sick///theres more to it than just hammering down the hardest trick you can do... mellow rolling down the street is some good shit. LOCKEDCOG///you know whats good.

planet hops team

ive come to expect clean edits from these guys///but this is their best flick yet. 1:00 is some fire/thats what fixed is for. super high production value, killer spots, top notch riding. legit.


some real good shit in here. jamie mauri always keeps it loose and creative.

fixed bandit//kiki rkr

more from fixed bandit///these guys are on a mission right now.

irvine fixed

these guys read TTv///they like to ride fixed bikes///"groms" from irvine. check em out getting some tricks dialed... theres a couple spots in here that ive never seen before.