WOLFDRAWN just posted up some pics of JOE blasting one on 700's to kick these tee's into sale mode. This shirt is a current piece of whats sure to be fixed gear history (like owning an original dogtown shirt or some shit) dont hesitate to snag one before they're gone. HEAD OVER THERE AND BUY ONE NOW.


i just wanted to put out some "informative" shit for you guys. pictured above is the VIMEO CHANNEL player thats at the bottom of this page. click play and you dont have to touch it///itll just play nonstop through videos from the channel//kind of like TV//hence the fucking TTv moniker. 

next; pictured below
THIETH is now active on facebook///this shit was dead for a long time. you can search me by typing THIETH GIVER in the search bar, or go to the BLOG PAGE CLICK HERE, which the blog is fed to for more ways to stay on top of your web flick and fixed freestyle needs. 
check em out///i appreciate all the support ive gotten so far since i opened the lamebook page up. tell your friends, mom, brother, cousin, girlfriend, "lifepartner", gramps to follow this shit.

im also on twitter follow @THIETH if you didnt know.

quick clip: khan's table

WOLFDRAWN upped this one///posted it yesterday. totally missed it. epic quick clip.

off TTopic///neckface time and space

some funny "shit" in here///

bike check: phillip arellano's BB17 26er

phillip mailed this one through///(fucking good idea to anyone else who reads, i like getting bike checks sent through). i dont think ive seen this color before, but it looks so sick. this is a mean looking build. definitely top notch colorway and part kit too. thanks for sending this through phillip///killing it on the build. watch for an edit from this guy soon///here's the build specs;
Frame: BreakBrake17 Charmer 26"
Fork: BreakBrake17 Cobra v2
Bars: BreakBreak17 uncut
Stem: Salt plus top load
Headset: Demolition low stack
Cranks: Demolition Revolt 170
Sprocket: Tree Lite 30t
BB: Resist
Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy Nostra sealed w/Hold Fast Straps
Chain: KMC dropbuster
Cog: Eighthinch 12t
Seatpost: Resist
Seat: Shadow Conspiracy Penumbra
Rear Wheel: MTX39-Resist 14mm hub w/gold Shadow Conspiracy nips
Front Wheel: MTX39-Demolition Bulimia hub w/gold Shadow Conspiracy nips
Tires: Intense MicroKnobby 2.25

chris sims///uc berkeley

this is the second flick in two days from AFS//if youve seen previous chris sims edits, you already know he kills it. this is a quick one, just a couple solid lines. i dig this guys style.

skate shiTT,

if you follow skate shiTT//you already know the alien squad kills it. all park footage here... its part of a series so keep watch for these.

big wheel bmx

if you like some big bike shred///this kid holds it down. smoothe natural style and a legit bag of tricks.


sun ringle road trip, if you havent seen it, watch it///im always psyched on new david grant footage.

jawa: funday brakeless

jawa put some clips together///the slow motion makes it a little hard to follow, but theres some good tricks in here.

quick clip: both ways

francis roque goes both ways... haha. seriously tho///this is how its done, learn em both ways and no indian giver bullshit. good deal francis.