afs 2011

a mix of tricks and fast ride shit from berkeley. on some old tarck flavor in this one. hopefully we'll see some dedicated trick edits out of these guys in the future.

rory mcdermott

rory is on some next level with this one. and mike put together a solid edit for sure. that slider barspin slider is super sick///getting creative with that one, and the ender is fucking massive.

one french and the ketjes

more good shit from SOUNDTRACK and the KETJES///these guys are keeping their name in the news this week haha.

foolhardy BABA

clean filming and editing from suZKID//solid riding from yuta "foolhardy" baba. its good to see some quality edits. caught this over at FISHNCHIPS.


yesterday i posted up a flick of gomok building up one of these RADIO BIKES /// today thomas from SOUNDTRACK hit me with a link to some build pics and specs. this thing looks so sick. not too much bb drop///good looking geo in general. im psyched on this project, cant wait to see these hit the streets//ill do some more lurking and find out if these will be available in the US. stay TTuned. head over to RADIO BIKES for more pics and full details, also follow SOUNDTRACK for updates.

wTTf: fixed freestyle on foreign TV?

i have no idea whats going on here hahaha///but here's what looks like fixed freestyle bikes on some foreign tv. sick news.

quick clip: sfg

kings of quick clip///haha, these guys keep em coming for days. quick three tap from gwang of SFG. seen at KEEPITTRICK

big wheel bmx

not the craziest edit ever, but definitely some tricks getting dialed here. good to see the rigid fork big bike "scene" growing.


solid new flick from eclat///