ah fuck

this ones good for a laugh///i bet theres an edit worth of leftover footage from oscars visit too. WOLFDRAWN always delivers... way off topic///but this shit reminded me;

bike check///marino custom by renaud

RENAUD just posted up some pics of his latest whip on TRICKTRACK... another one of those MARINO customs. killer colorway///good looking build. 14mm of neg bb/just enough? this thing looks raw all around... not the first time ive snagged a renaud build/he keeeps the killer setups coming.
one more time///even though he didnt give a fuck last time haha.

ketjes welcom tomypunk

i was checking out SOUNDTRACK after that gomok/radio post and caught this one from a couple weeks back. not much riding, but some new shit to keep an eye out for. check out their blog//follow for updates at KETJES.

radio bikes///simon gomok

looks like there will be a new freestyle whip on the shelves soon. RADIO bikes appears to be a "budget friendly" bmx brand. i dont know much about this, but keep an eye on their site and SOUNDTRACK for updates. simon kills it so we should see some epic footage on this thing in the near future.

here's their intro post from about a year ago;
"WETHEPEOPLE are a trusted brand in BMX and have many years of experience behind them. They completely understand the importance of personal progression and how entry level bikes can sometimes fall short when it comes to substance, strength and style.

This is why the team behind WETHEPEOPLE created RADIO BIKES; straight off, RADIO BIKES are making outstanding quality completes, incorporating ‘affordable’ price tags and doing it like no other brand has done before, and if that isn’t enough they have the ever perilous Morgan Wade heading up the team.

As riders, we believe you should never be held back from developing your own talent, especially if you are riding a scrawny, out of date and frail BMX.

We use proven geometry, and dependable materials to create a range of BMX’s like no other before. Product you can rely on."

sendai fixed jam

1:39///nasty with some laser fast whip skids. so fucking sick.

nick koo: EB86 edit2

nick sent this through///he definitely has skills on the fixed bike. so sick to see back wheelies, people have been doing them for a while... but only a few people. also cab 3's like butter. killer flatground flick for sure.


skate shiTT

quite a few dtlb and other local spots in here///sick skate shit too.


big wheel bmx

solid big bike street edits arent easy to come by///theres some good shit in this one for sure.

gabe winawer: healed

"Gabe's arm is finally better and he's riding again!!" -looks like gabe is coming back real strong after an injury. i dont remember his riding being this solid before. some real legit lines in here. packy and gabe are killing it these days.