some rock and roll for a change


joe officially joins UNKNOWN BIKES... and will be testing a 700c proto frame (joe is an epic addition to the team imo). most of the details of this project are still UNKNOWN (haha), but the proto looks sick. killer geo... and some BB DROP///wtf haha, bucking the trend of neg bb on every new frame. what i know for sure is that vince gets after shit and this project has had a super quick turnaround from what ive seen so far. stay tuned///unknown is on a fucking mission right now.

sMc adventure time

jball just upped some leftovers//summerfix//good times type footage. i dig this one, some loose entertainment mostly featuring jball and musgrave. some good slam clips in here too. check it.

brotherhood yk chill edit

just had this shit tweeted at me///some solid riding in here, new faces, bmx and fixed footage. that feeble up the hubba was some good shit. keep it coming.

kenny arimoto for destroy and captains

kenny just sent this one through///going fucking huge here. he's been repping DESTROY for a while now but that CAPTAINS logo in the top left caught me off guard. head over there and check out the web store, looks like they stock grass roots skate shit.

shark: 26inch shwag

shark and sam are killing the webflick game right now///staying in on top of edits non stop. digging the footplants in this one... shark is comign out the gate with a big bag of tricks//seems like theres something new in every edit. steep fucking learning curve. fixed gear shark attack for real.


this edit is sick. raw as fuck with a mix of everything we love to watch on TTv. fixed bikes, skate, bmx, even some snowboard shit in there. so good. looks like it came out of the pissedead camp too. psyched on this one.

skate shiTT

halloween year round for creature///pure entertainment.


some oldish tom molyneux


 RYD posted some updates recently. above is coles current bike setup///lookin pretty clean, and below is the "creep bars" theyre about to drop. looks like they got a nice shape to em. head over to THEIR BLOG for more pics.

off TTopic

looks good//via: LOSERMACHINE

la petite reinem ep.1

this one wont load on my computer for some reason///in the first 20 seconds or so it looks like they riding freestyle bikes tho.


the grime just dropped another one. mostly wonka in this flick//always fire. that last line is insane.