wolfdrawn: oscar khan

as expected//this shit is so sick. one of the best styles on a bike meets one of the best styles on in the web edit game. a minute and a half of epic. i couldnt wait for this one to drop. oscar kills it///check that american flag shirt haha. via: WOLFDRAWN

bumsteads X dynt: locals

psyched on this one///garrison was telling me to look out for a new edit. its been too long since the BUMSTEADS squad dropped something on us. these guys are holding it down hard for the IE/// shop at bumsteads if you out there, these guys are down for what ur doing. check out: DYNT

black sunday

this ones a nice change of pace. no music. some good chill out riding///mixed with some bmx in there... and beer.

skate shiTT

caught this one on oscars vimeo likes///good shit, its sick how they bring the dog to spots with them haha. digging the dancehall tunes too.


congo got me psyched on this one///insane hop skills

quick clip: roll out

kickin it old school.

late night

backyard ramp session///itd be killer to have any kind of ramp shit going on in your own yard. these guys are living the dream. nothing crazy goes down, they just living the dream.