vigor studio

its friday night. post up and trick out haha. some mellow flatground from over seas.

gwang for keep it trick

gwang from SFG put this quick one together for KEEPITTRICK. check it. in store ramp setup is sick

toTTal repost: christian musgrave back in nam

this is a toTTal repost of a flick from a couple days ago. i definitely prefer vimeo quality//this flick was legit as fuck//musgrave digs feedback. head over to VIMEO and comment on this shit. he's killing it right now.

filipe motta gnarcotix edit

this shit is sic, surprise edit of the week. if i knew how to sticky post this shit would hang up top. its sick to see someone come out of the woods on some new shit. stacked footage, spot variety, creative tricks. dont miss this one//must see TTv//fucking killing it.

skate shiTT

no big names or big hype in this one///some skate down the street shit and footage on one of these deathwish tallcan cruisers, that part is sick.


steven hamilton kills it. caught this on WRAHW's vimeo likes///too much good shit in here.

the histtory channel: death pedal 2 trailer 2

i was just talking to someone about this the other day so i thought id post it up. this one goes back about a year///if you missed it, this is some must see TTv. some of your favorite fixed gear super heroes killing shit on inline skates.

skatepark hour

alfonso garcia put this one together. its a quick skatepark edit. that skatepark looks so sick.

hurricane promotion video

chacon one upped himself with this one... maybe more than one upped///this edit is sick. big gaps, some tech, high speed wheelie, trucks, some serious shit. putting in work on that new frame. fucking killing it for real///must see TTv. here's what mike had to say

"Been beating up my new signature frame "The Hurricane" Took it to some spots I wanted to be sure that this is a sturdy product worth paying for. Did some jumps and grind spots I have done before but just wanted to be sure this frame was comfortable and reliable. Very impressed with what Leader Bikes has done with this frame, I hope everyone is as pleased as I am with it. Enjoy the Video"

bandel bike trick comp

another trick comp from over seas. nothing too crazy goes down, but its good to see groups gathering around fixed bikes.

cyclo bike trick jam

theres been tons of trick jams lately. some pretty good stuff in here///footage from nasty and marco.