SHMOB SHANE: nollie 180

shane's been working on his nollie 180's lately... this pics the proof. looks like he's getting comfortable on that thrasher. such a sick trick once its dialed. epic picture snagged from SHMOBFIXED. if ur in the long beach area///shanes in town right now, hit him up to ride.


its no secret THIETH loves bonedeth flicks. here's an older one i dug up of jamie mauri//if you havent seen this 1:13 is so fucking sick, even if bonedeth isnt your cup of shit.

bike check: leader pharaoh

felix dol over at GEOMETRICK just built up a pharaoh. this thing looks legit. head over to their BLOG for a full bike check and more pics. psyched to see more of these get out there. im still wondering about that rear triangle on these... hopefully leader learned from the mordecai.

big wheel bmx

these crux flicks have been blowing up lately. definitely good shit///mixed big bike and bmx.

fixed bandit: AA 533 K

another one from fixed bandit//a little better quality in this one. some good looking bike builds, scooter antics, but no monkeys this time.


skate shiTT

i dig the style of this one///looks like its filmed off the screen. lets see more stylized fixed flicks. this is big brand creativity, so its just begging to be outdone... just sayin. still a sick flick, check it.

sean coats: pimpin

sean coats is always pimpin haha. this flick is sick//a change of pace from the day to day fixed flicks. i see sean as an essential character in the fixed mix. must see TTv.

off TTopic//skate shiTT

this is off TTopic//no actual skate footage in here, but i dig the concept of this contest. i want to drop some shit for the readers sometime soon. stay tuned.

sungwoo kim: bike check

swoo just dropped a bike check over at CONSTANT REVOLUTION. check his blog out, he keeps good content moving through there. his build looks sick and his riding speaks for itself. swoo stays killing it.

yerson varela

looks like yerson is repping ZLOG now///i thought he was in long beach... head over to zlog for more.

fixed bandit: taman menteng

lol at the monkey on the bike///reminds me of hangover2 haha.