quick clip: the move

chacon style tap to "tornado"

christian musgrave: back from/in nam

not quite sure whether musgrave is back from or in nam///but i am sure he's killing it machine gunner style haha. this edit is way legit, we've seen this guy get down, but i think he's really getting shit dialed lately. sounds like he rode with a bmx posse for this one and got psyched on bikes again. check it out///follow THECOMMONBMX on youtube.

bumsteads wheel builds

 garrison hit me up last night with some good news///they will be building up mtx33's to unknown hubs and selling them as prebuilt wheels (im digging this spy photo). thats a sick hub/rim combination in my opinion. more info over at their BLOG and watch the BUMSTEADS BIG CARTEL for updates. support locally owned//rider run bike shops///hit up bumsteads if ur in the ontario area.


lol///it doesnt have to be nonstop hammers to be entertaining.

big wheel bmx

the spit is a new series from lama cycles. i dont know how frequent these will be coming though, but its a month old and we havent seen a follow up. could be good if they get it rolling. here's what they had to say;
"The Spit will be a series of web videos of what our East Coast Homies can capture on camera over a certain period of time."

the hisTTory channel: chris fonseca

love him or hate him///fonseca was a big part of fixed hisTTory. he put together a couple solid flicks in the early days. this edit is a good representation of where fixed tricks were back in then. lots of "twirl" type shit, haha, roll outs, "blog spins", high seatposts... some people want to hate on this shit looking back, but riding like this is what got us heading towards where we are today.

skate shiTT

new york//skateboards//pizza//what more do you want?? some fuck around skate shiTT. snagged from NYSKATEBOARDING.COM, head over there and click around... they got lots of content.

junho park

junho park is 14, that puts him in the youngest group of fixed riders that i know of. this kid fucking goes for it.