ninja cats: gus mallet

this kid fucking goes for it. ninja cats is the shit///gus goes huge off the hip. here's what they had to say;

"Gus has been riding and a part of the UK scene for a good while now, yet despite his illa manouvers theres not much footage of the man about, heres some clips from 2 hours of riding with Gus. U.K we go hard!"
click here for more: NINJA CATS

leader welcomes matt montoya

matt is definitely on some next level shit with this one. fakie barhops down stairs///and that chain hop to bank are nuts. must see TTv.

big wheel bmx

i slept on this one//dan is a reader, he rides a big bike, it looks like he's got a new frame. his setup is looking legit and he's getting some tricks dialed. click it//follow dan on vimeo, he keeps up on the big bike flicks.


jackson has been putting in some serious work since his last edit. it definitely shows. some real solid lines in here, and that park looks so killer to chill out at. glad to see hes back at it after THIS SLAM (shit was fucking intense). you killing it man.

skate shiTT

theres some solid tricks in this one, but his style is kind of "agro" imo///still good for a watch, and theres some killer spots in it.

torey thornton: velocity rider profile

im always psyched on some news about the WRAHW man torey. VELOCITY did a rider profile on him w/ some q&a interview... couldnt agree more with that first line. head over there and check it out.

quick clip: East Bay 86 Nick Koo

nick sent this quick one through///solid line. digging that slider up over the bridge. keep it coming man.

phillip williams - just got real

title says it all///the man SHARK brought some super good shit to the table with this one. theres some solid lines in here. where most people film one trick at a time, shark is putting down some creative lines. so sick///fucking psyched on this edit. watch it now.

fixies are gay

musgrave must be sitting on a mountain of footage//he's been dropping edits non stop. some goods in this one. dont miss it.


im psyched on the title of this one "roseanne bar" haha. some good creative riding in the mix. that tire slide 180 towards the end is so sick.

kendrick bautista oneday

kendrick gets after a lot of fly out tricks//but theres a little more variety in this one. he's definitely getting better with every edit.

YNOT straps up close

here's an up close look at YNOT straps, an installation how to, and a couple tricks from mosher... here's what YNOT had to say:

"We are pleased to announce that we have made the YNOT Cycle Pedal Straps even better and are offering them at a new lower price. For a limited time we are offering a free YNOT Cycle Wallet with every online purchase. Check out the NEW VIDEO."

sunday funday!#%

bbg posse on with some chill in the park footage. killing it off the bikes too with those fire shots haha.

go shoppin

that new grime shit wonka and anthony combs. quick one//all hammers. killing it.