kinky's vs westfixed

lino is going hard in the paint for this one///that ledge is nuts.
"puto, o medo é uma cena que a mim não me assiste"


i dont usually post two in one day, but theres not much fixed shit today and this flick is sick hahahaha.

the hisTTory channel: eric puckett

as far as i know eric is no longer down with fixed freestyle///but this shit was insane when it dropped. 2 years old and theres a 180 bar in the first 30 seconds. seems like he came and went super quick, was definitely killing it for more than a minute there. aside from that quick flick with PROLLY a few months back, he hasnt been seen on his fixed bike for a long time. a bunch of you new comers might not even know///so click play, catch up.


theres a bunch of photos of the roadtrip and summerfix up over at BHSK///head over there and check it out.

skate shiTT

if transition spots are your cup of shit///give this one a click. tons of killer ditch spots and skatermade parks.

eighth inch how to: crank installation

this is a good one for them to drop on the world///ive heard of some people having trouble installing these.

quick clip: doi for schmick bike shop

another one from SCHMICK BIKE SHOP. quick welcome to the team clip.

tor for schmick bike shop

tor put together a quick one for SCHMICK BIKE SHOP in thailand. i dig quick edits, check it out and check the shop website, theres a pretty killer bike gallery on there.

last edit with thrasher

alec dropped this one a couple days ago///i blew it getting this on the blog right away, but he's coming up on a new frame so he dropped one last edit with his thrasher. cant wait to see the new build///drop a bike check on us when you got it man.

bike check: grime bone mang

THE GRIME threw up a proper bike check of the new bone mang///head over there for more pics and full build specs. sounds legit. the rear triangle is claimed to be laterally stiffer than other frames on the market///hopefully eliminating that bent rear triangle bullshit everyone goes through. head over to the GRIME BLOG and check it out. whether you like the looks of the wishbone setup or not, this is a step in the right direction. bent rear triangles fucking suck.
bonus pic///this shits been everywhere, but its too sick.


vclub hit the park on 4th of july. this spot looks sick. they always bring good riding.

w-base: vansXcult grips

theres not much to this besides some video of the vansXcult grips, but i dig it. close ups, a look at the packaging, videos like this help bring a product to life before youve had a chance to see it in person. i want a set of these grips.