wolfdrawn: teaser

this ones good for a laugh or two///literal lol when i watched it. pretty much as good as raw footage can get. WOLFDRAWN always drops hammers///head over there and read the caption hahahaha. MUST SEE TTv.

skate shiTT

caught this one on sean coats vimeo likes last night///some fruity music, but the fast tricks are insane.

quick clip: 3 tricks w/ jayjay ribaya

i caught this one over at LOCKEDCOG///quick one with a serious hammer for an ender. truck drivers are no joke and jayjay got one nailed. so fucking sick.

flat fix introducing jun

flat fix always brings solid web edits. clean filming and editing. good riding.

proud cat x mystery

posse up and hit the streets at night.

THIETH repping

caught this on the UNKNOWN KOREA BLOG, it one totally slipped past me for the longest time now. mustve been up for at least a few weeks. shit is so sick. its no secret that im an UNKNOWN BIKES fan... looks like i got some back and missed it. i love how honest he is on there.

" a years back when you started your blog i wasnt happy with you because you post my company product on your blog with wrong infomation but now we are good friend , help each other i am so happy to do some work with you soon and will show you what i can do thanks for your T shirt it is 'FUCKING KILLING IT' "

fucking psyched///i made a shitload of mistakes early in my blog, and still do, im sure they dont go unnoticed.  big shout to EVERYONE affiliated with UNKNOWN BIKES. from what ive seen these guys are pushing fixed freestyle and supporting the community to the fullest.

#SHMOB ((not a summerfix edit))

this is definitely not a summerfix edit hahaha. i remember shane was saying he'd bring his camera down but would be filming "no comp footage". good idea///he snagged some real good street shit while he was here, some long beach, some SHMOB posse, some good clips. #pissy has been killing it hard as fuck lately, that 180 over the rail is so sick. super psyched to have shane as a part of this, he always goes after it with the street footage at comps. his editing skills (and riding) have come up hard in recent months///not to mention he holds it down hard as fuck for TTv. peep game. (big shout to corey for repping that TT-shirt in this)

joh mama

classic title on this one. joh got style, i dig watching him ride///mellow laid back, slow and controlled riding. some good tricks go down. looks like he's getting 3's pretty dialed.


one day edit from banned///always good. 1:22 is so sick.


i dont know what the title means///but i think the description says it all; "@##^%$^&^^#%$@#$@!#$^". this one covers some old school style riding, lots of roll outs, mixed with some new///theres a nollie bar in there. good variety in here.

tadashi nakamura kyoto x osaka edit

yu put this one together for tadashi. looks good, lots of night riding///best time to be on the streets. on off team stays after it.