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pierce chase: feeble edit

barhops and feebles from a young gun///they comin out of the woodwork.

wynn's TTshirt recovery

saw this on the SHMOBFIXED tumblr... wynn making a TTshirt recovery. shit is sick. this was one of the easier ones. i didnt know how hard you guys would go after the shirts so i made a couple of em easy to get. head over to their tumblr and check out more photos///also, there's gotta be an edit in the works from the main man shane. keep watch for it.


the UGHS keep coming with good shit. this one dropped a few days ago and i missed it. keep watch over at their blog///its always entertaining.

alfonso garcia's TT-shirt recovery

i got this email earlier today and got so fucking psyched, i didnt think id really get any feedback as far as recovery goes. alfonso tracked one down in the alley just off the boardwalk, and it looks like it lasted up there pretty long. glad i could get these out there for you guys and be a part of the event///even more psyched to hear that people who wanted them got their hands on them. keep reading///there will be more of this in the future.

unknown bikes korea trip photos

jd hit me up with these photos from the UNKNOWN BIKE trip to korea. jd and rick were killing it. all of them are shot by vince (who knew he had photo skills hahaha). they came out sick. that tire grab photo of jd is def my favorite. keep your eyes on UNKNOWN///vince stays super involved and is down for fixed as much or more than anyone else in this shit. the more i see the more get psyched on these guys. also, if you didnt catch this shit yet... see below, sounds like some secret shit is in the works;

skate shiTT

if you havent seen stay gold yet///heres the barrier kult section.

nempro prototype

i saw this over at TRICK TRACK (posted by HELLACHUNKY)///i dont have much in the way of details, but this thing looks pretty sick. here's what he's saying about it;
"Nemesis Project Sluggo 26" Prototype #1, Ill post specs and more pictures tmr, if have time."


sputnic has been on it these days. here's the latest.