chop em down presents: summerfix

chop em down brings their signature super clean event coverage to summerfix. they got this shit put together and put up quick. this one covers a couple of the more epic moments as far as what i saw from the sidelines goes.

bbg quickie

been a while since we seen anything from the BBG posse. heres a quick one///some late night cell phone footage. psyched to see footage from these guys, the riding is still on point. stay after it.

bike check: SHMOB SHANES volume thrasher

in the wake of some sackless bullshit bike theft at summerfix. we all came together as best we could to get shane back on a bike. if you were there, we managed to scoop up some cash by way of selling THIETH shirts (first time ever for sale haha) as well as donations, and some parts that the good people of fixed handed over to help a man-down. shout outs to DESTROY BIKES (bars), JAKE SANTOS (tires), WOLFDRAWN (phoenix straps),  BOOTHBY (hooked up this complete for a good price), and BHSK (for getting a post up on his blog asap)... anyone i forgot for pitching in to help shane keep riding. its fucking sick to see people come through like that. we still cheering for shane to get his custom frame back tho, so if you see it, rip the bitch off it and take it back.

resist CONGOLOID bars in stock

these have been in the works for a while now///so psyched to see congo signature products start showing up on shelves. head out and snag a set asap. ive ridden them briefly and they are definitely comfortable. also, coming from RESIST, you know they're sturdy//quality product.



torey thornton for bb17

torey is on fire lately. this edit is insane. here's his BB17 edit. its one of the best things ive seen in fixed 2011, so many creative tricks, creative lines, some insane massive shit in here too. he's one of my favorite riders to watch, and blows minds every time an edit drops. never a dull moment. stay posted at WRAHW, for more from the front lines. FUCKING KILLING IT.

PACKY GOLAN at summerfix

ive been saying it for a long time and here's proof. packy kills it, i saw his potential way early and its proven at this point; took first in the am division at summerfix. whats more is the #TTIGERBLOOD shirt rep in the comp. so psyched on that. keep at it packy.

pissedead short 4

these PISSEDEAD edits are always legit. these guys need to drop a blog on us. they calling this one some throwaway shit//too entertaining to be throwaway in my book.

jball: fucking killing it

digging the intro on this one. jball really put in work, evidence is in the opening slam section. he's been going hard in the paint lately and it definitely shows. truck driver ender like wtf. killing shit.


the first and second flick are the same footage, first being edited by SHARK himself and the second by sam. im psyched on this guy. got rad style and coming in real hot lately. they been dropping edits non stop. real psyched to see this guy come up. keep watch.

tyler nakamoto

13 years old and throwing down some man size tricks. watch out for tyler he'll be taking everyone out by the time his next edit drops. i think this is the youngest rider in fixed who throws down like this?



new leader frames: pharoh and hurricane

prolly posted this up over the weekend. shit looks sick. WAAAY psyched to see kareem repping that TTshirt. as usual kareem brings some new shit and a colorway like youve never seen before. he definitely blazes trails in fixed freestyle. so psyched on this. head over to PROLLY for full details on both. LOOSE NUTS is killing shit right now.


shiloh has been keeping the flicks coming///here's the latest. dropping some skatepark footage.


here's some footage from a trick comp in thailand... definitely some people kill it out there.

quick clips: summerfix

a couple quick clips from summerfix. open the floodgates on this one. lets see the edits. i didnt come up with anything but a sunburn and a hangover. as for the winning bars, i honestly have no idea what happened with them. poor orchestration on my part.


the squad from taiwan just dropped this for MISHKA DART. i caught this on COGWEI and hes reppin mishka in this flick. so sick.



SHMOB SHANE'S BIKE WAS STOLEN AT SUMMERFIX. fuck the little cunt piece of shit who took it. if you see this bike around contact me or shane. TT-shirt rewards to anyone who helps track this down. below are some tweets at shane from chris sanders//if you know chris sanders hit him up for more info. also, keep watch in the santa monica area. if you get the chance, take it back from the little fucker. whatever it takes.