game of B-I-K-E: fixed vs bmx

while i was over at PROLLY snagging that other video, i caught this one. so fucking sick//antonyo kills it. he has one of the best styles in fixed, some of the best bike control out there, obviously holds his own. this ones proof taking down a game of B-I-K-E vs a bmx. must see TTv.

marco fukuoka

i caught this at PROLLY'S BLOG///apparently he's been sitting on it since this morning while the rest of the blog world is blowing it. i totally missed this one... shoulda checked FISHNCHIPS this morning (thought i did). anyways, super sick edit. some of the spots in this are epic.

gabriel garcia for royal handmade

lots of long beach spots in here. pretty solid edit. psyched to see flicks from long beach, new names, and holing it down for grass roots brands. head over and check out ROYALHANDMADE.

bike check: charmer on 26's

this ones from TRICKTRACK///shanes BB17CHARMER (not shmob shane). killer colorway, i dig how he's not afraid to show some seatpost. and that whitewall rear tire/white fork combo is pretty sick. check the kit list;
Frame: bb17 charmer
Fork: bb17 cobra
Bars: bb17
Stem: profile
Wheelset: 26" MTX's laced to profile hubs front tire uff da! 2.3 and a cruiser 2.1 in the rear
Cranks: profile 165mm
BB: profile
Headset: FSA impact
Pedals: Duo's


into it.

skate shiTT

jason adams//creative skateboarding never gets old.


lino 4 grime

lino is on some crazy shit in this one haha. dude has wicked wild style, goes after some crazy stunts, takes some slams in here. looks like he's repping GRIME in this one... 

shark 26.0

i snagged this one from CONSTANT REVOLUTION. swoo definitely keeps the material coming. solid edit from a new name. psyched to see more from this guy.

bike check: matteo zanoni

these UNKNOWN frames are popping up everywhere. big props for that///none of that preorder and never see one out on the street bullshit from them. back on track//this build is super clean, real legit part kit, digging the subtle red in there... and some of those new SADIO 420 BARS. head over to GEOMETRICK for more pics and the full kit list.

n00bs: front yard sesh

this is the second edit from francis///the first being posted about a week ago. what i want to emphasize is how these are basically the stock tricks these days. back when i got on a fixed gear if you could do pop up barspins (or even had a bike that could barspin) or roll outs, you were killing shit. the entry level tricks are getting way more complex. sick progression. francis has a pretty good bag of tricks to work with, especially for a n00b. stack some footage and drop an edit on us man.

rooTTs: josh boothby

i hadnt caught this before, but i saw it up on KEEPITTRICK. its a couple years old, apparently boothby is in touch with his rooTTs. he's obviously got some bmx skills.