"we are working on a series of posters and this will most likely be the first one" -torey


its been too long since the last WOLFDRAWN edit. he's definitely on some next level creative shit in this one. matt always makes 700's look fucking rad and the spots in this flick are so good. reppin #TTIGERBLOOD in there real hard too//epic//. must see TTv at its finest. 0:39 who the fuck else would even do that//so sick, the ender is nuts, i had to watch this a few times just to digest it all. the VAGX hookup is sick as fuck too.

michael chacon x estevan oriol

this definitely gives a different perspective on mike chacon///i dont think i would have guessed him to be into lowriders. his whip looks pretty sick tho. definitely a change up from the typical fixed flicks.


i know this ones up everywhere right now, but you gotta rep your friends. congo kills it hard as fuck//slams and gets up, innovates, goes huge, gets tech//LDG fucking scored on this one. super psyched to see where this takes both of them. he's definitely one of those riders that knows what he wants out of a bike so expect good shit from congo signature products. if nothing else, i expect to see LDG blow up having one of the hardest riders in fixed rep their shit... and even though i wont drop a banner ad, head over to their site, click around, buy some shit. haha.

cant wait for the welcome video w/ all these shots in it to drop. stay posted.

60 minutes with nikko jow

i saw this on LOCKEDCOG and didnt want to pass it up. total rip from him, but shit is pretty good. nikko has been on it for a while, the bag of tricks is getting deep.

skate shiTT

caught this one via oscar kahn's likes on vimeo. sick edit///creative use of spots, tons of rad transition style spots.

jogja gangsta fixed

got this one tweeted at me. these guys are holding down some "gangsta" shit///bringing some grit from overseas.

alfonso garcia for la brakeless

a quick one from alfonso garcia//some killer spots in here and that ender line is sick. cab 3 off the stairs is legit.

cycle bandidos yk

documentary style look at cycle bandidos posse. this ones a teaser, keep watch for more.  

epiffny//so fucked crew

EPIFFNY and so fucked crew dropped this one on us. good to see these guys getting after it. they got a grass roots start up going. click through and check em out.