wTTf: fixed freestyle on foreign tv

dont really know whats going on here///kinda long.

bike check: unknown v2 on 700 and 26

caught this via VINTAG3 over at TRICKTRACK. looks pretty sick///side by side (or over under in this case) of the same build on the "same wheels"... one set being 700c and the other 26. super sick to see this kind of identical setup deal.


these UGH'S edits are sick. here we have one for GEOMETRICK and PHOENIX. this ones got some killer lines in it. they one of my favorite posse's to watch right now, so keep an eye for UGH'S edits and check their blog out. holding down the strange life//the blog is super sick.

najib welcom to frs family

meel lao dropped this one a few days ago. i didnt catch it right away, but theres some good stuff in here.

hold fast X congo @ citygrounds

congo's signature hold fasts are available now at CITYGROUNDS. pick a set of these up///congo is the shit and these things look sick. while everyone's in town for summerfix, make a trip out to long beach check the shop//snag a set.

josh deardorff for leader

super solid josh deardorff edit///someone we havent seen much from. lots of good riding here, clean filming, clean editing. this is definitely one of those surprise killer edits. dont hesitate to click it///must see TTv.

skate shiTT

classic video///classic spots///classic ed templeton.

23 seconds with joe mckeag

joe is on a fucking rampage lately. killing it hard... again... with another quick one. fucking serious shit. keep this shit coming joe//you on fire right now. thanks to sean coats for dropping this on us.

christian musgrave's quick minute

christian headed up to long beach and put this quick one together.


caught this on vimeo via sean coats//torey thorntons likes. super creative riding, so much goods in here.

dkshop: seoul trick jam

more killer coverage from seoul. the UNKNOWN squad was killing it.



wonka for chrome

wonka is always killing it///some real big shit in this one. quick, but all hammers. here's what chrome had to say;

"New York's dirtiest, Ed "Wonka" Laforte is proudly welcomed to the Chrome Familia! Setting the level for what can be done and how good it should look. The first rider to rep both our bags and our footwear...We couldn't be happier to have you, Wonka!"