i snagged this from WOLFDRAWN'S MUSIC MONDAYS. his shit is always on point. saw he gave me a shout on one of my recent eyeTTunes posts so i thought i'd come through with a link back.
i listened, almost exclusively, to kool keith through high school and agree with that claim. shit is so fucking sick. if its new to you dig around, keith has had more rap personas, more hits, more skill, more originality, been in this rap shit longer than most. 
matt definitely knows good music when he hears it, keep an eye on MUSIC MONDAYS, he won't disappoint.

quick clip: jruff

another one snagged from ZLOG. j ruff putting in some practice on his barhops. looking clean/dialed.

bike dice

caught this one over at ZLOG/// check out BIKE DICE.

monday sucks///eat shit

this ones sick hahahahaha.


Photos by Lance Skundrich

off TTopic: dog shit

if youre a regular reader you already know THIETH digs some street art shit. this is fucking gold. emailed to me anonymously by a reader who remains unamed even to me (i can dig that shit). watch/enjoy/let this shit inspire you and keep watch for more from the dog-boy geinus doggie houser. 


TOREY just dropped some leftover footage from BIG MONEY HUSTLAZ shit is always sick. love the "WRAHW" grit of this. he also came through with this photo he's been sitting on. probably one of the bigger//biggest? gap to stair rides i think we've seen. so fucking sick. he seems to be on a mission right now. killing shit.

26fixed sessions 1

the first installment from 26fixed.com is some good shit. digging the stair rides///some mosher footage///good riding in general. psyched on this. head over and check em out if you been sleeping on 26fixed.

RYD: introducing elliot milner

elliot has good style///now reps RYD. these guys are on a webflick mission lately, seems like RYD edits are popping up non-stop. i can dig that. def gives TTv some content... and good shit too. do not click out at the end///the after black hammer is insane.

ronnie: the lost tapes

according to ronnie, this footage goes back a couple years///he dug it up on an old hard drive. back from the days when he was in philly. some good shit in here. some hisTTory channel type shit. a relic from the past unseen for two years uncovered. hahah. 

rooTTs: for the lulz

an in depth look at the liiving dead frame. hahaha. not for pussies.


Photos by Lance Skundrich

quick clip: dza

a quick one from diego. aka DZA


Photos by Lance Skundrich


Photos by Lance Skundrich