a change of pace//killer video

Heath Kirchart - Mind Field

Heath's last full part, fucking killing it to the end

Jon Allie for Zero - Dying to Live

SHMOBBIN: johnny x//TTvler bar

A second angle on Johnny's X-up from yesterday and Tyler hitting a clean barspin

Johhny getting down with a high handrail at China Banks//photo by Lance Skundrich


this ones not new///stranger posse picked up a gopro and filmed some. mellow cruise flick.

grab the TTire

Matt Reyes knows how to tire grab. Those dirt jumps in Golden Gate Park are crazy.

the hisTTory channel: john prolly

this one goes back three years according to vimeo///PROLLY is the shit when it comes to OG holding it down motherfuckers in this fixed game. he televised this revolution. i remember seening this one drop and being so psyched on how sick it was. im glad he's still a big part of this, he holds it down as a fixed freestyle originator in my book. i remember this was a bit of a signature trick for him back in the day//seeing it in foreign mags called a "blog spin"///seeing other peoples flicks calling it a "prolly spin" shit is still sick in my opinion. 

quick clip: one liner

pretty solid one liner. dont forget to hold your phone horizontal when you film shit haha.

off TTopic: winter shred

corey smith has been one of my favorites to watch since i used to actually try to snowboard///head over to vimeo and search him out for videos like this which he drops now instead of shred flicks: