SHMOB saTTurdays: pre summer fixx

Spent the day in the city with some great riders//had a fuckin blast




SHMOB saTTurdays: parTT 2

Some crazy sick dirt jumps in Golden Gate Park that we rode today//Slum's P-Fix and my #TTigerblood

SHMOB saTTurdays: parTT 1

Been riding with some new homies lately. Had a fucking awesome day in San Francisco today. Expect an edit soon with some riding by Slum, Tyler, Johnny, and Wynn. Photo credit for the majority of these post goes to Lance Skundrich ((some killer photos coming later))//thanks man.

wrahw promo 2011

it might get redundant//but i fucking love WRAHW web edits. best shit out there. watch/learn/take notes, this shit is so fucking rad. thanks to torey for keeping us in the loop/// heres what he had to say; 
"This was originally going to be used for the new Loosenuts Cycles DVD "Big Money Hustlaz" but I slacked a lil bit on getting it done in time. "

3 clips with joe mckeag

this shit is mind blowing. joe is killing it so hard right now. this sets the bar real fucking high for everyone. theres nothing more to it//just watch it now. this is some holy shit.

grime television

slept on this one//uve probably seen it by now. shit is super good tho. stylized, probably my favorite grime TV so far. as always big shit goes down. grime squad always kills it. top notch shit/must see TTv//fucking killing it.


sean coats always entertains///no bike shit in this flick, just watch.

skate shiTT

epic/creative grass roots skate shiTT. super sick spots in here.

skate shiTT: tyler johnson

if you didnt catch this on ZLOG the other day///you fuckin up. but heres a second chance. tyler pretty fucking good on a skateboard imo.

big wheel bmx

if you follow big bikes, this shit was everywhere for a couple days. if you dont, check it, definitely real solid riding from london.

shiloh sambo

shiloh putting down some tarck style keos and shit. still rocking that 650 front.