this edit is solid//pack full of hits. mix of tech and some super big shit//black and white styled//creative lines. good all around.

big wheel bmx

macduff kills it on a big bike//i know theres some big bike readers so i thought id throw up this bike check. clean solid build, and aside from the suspension fork most of these parts carry over to fixed use, take notes.

bmx vs mtb

that first slam is nuts//not everyday you see one of those monster squish forks break.


ive been posting way too much of their shit lately///but this looks fucking killer.

skate shiTT

not the craziest skate shit ive ever seen, but theres some insane spots in here... and its fucking sick how pumped the people get watching them skate.

sol on city road

sol and NINJA CATS///"you know whats good". lol at 0:23, that has to be one of the most "catlike" barhop falls ive seen. hahaha. these guys kill it. head over to their blog if you havent, saw all kinds of shit on there i havent seen elsewhere.

great white north volume 3

GWN holds it down. i hope this series continues for a long time. always good riding, good filming, good editing, good times. i know im late with this one, but if you havent seen it, watch it.

blkmrkt street fiend

according to BLKMRKT some new shit is "on the water". psyched to start seeing these builds show up. i dig the above photos, they show it built up w/ different styles.

jan the summer (84kick)

i dig the 84kick signature old school flavor. definitely looks keo inspired but on some new shit. the footplant 180s are sick. always good.

phoenix fork: coming soon

this looks pretty sick. PHOENIX is dropping a fork. 425 a2c/peg friendly/integrated top cap. head over to their blog and check more pics and details.

sadio products 2011

i know this kind of pushes the boundaries of "no ads" but i dig seeing fresh product and this is a video blog...