spray paint and fixed gear gathering

looks like some spray paint and fixed gear shit went down///nice element to throw in the mix with the fixed shit. not your typical trick comp "event" anyways.

"winter edit"

looks like i missed this one a long time ago, but that skatepark spot at 1:03 is fucking rad. check that shit out.

xlife team weekend fun time

i missed this one a few days ago///still worth checkin out if you havent seen it.

rooTTs: osiris in phoenix

theres some holy shit spots and some oh fuck trick in this one.


off TTopic: elevated engineering summer shit

ELEVATED ENGINEERING dropped a quick look at their summer line. looks like theres some good shit in there.

wolfdrawn: beat the heat

gus and matt fucking kill shit///always. this ones pretty sick, matt went out to shred gus's home turf. some real rad spots out there. WOLFDRAWN edits are never a let down. that intro with the pool dropped behind the text is so sick. peep fucking game. also, head to WOLFDRAWN and check out his post on gus's zine (total post jack, i know it). i meant to throw something up, was gunna make a gif of it, but i didnt want to reveal the whole thing and let it slip(S0RRY GUS). go check it out///ISSUE TWO COMING SOON/PICK ONE UP. also, if you dig it///check out GUS'S TUMBLR. shit is super sick, i can go like 30 pages deep on it and never get bored. 

off TTopic

some funny shit//follow sean coats on vime, he always seems to dig up gems like this.

quick clip: deeez

more quick clip funny shit from diego///i dig the grind shot from the ledge perspective. watch for the after credits slip out.

kan jam

this shit is sick///caught it on the BB17 BLOG. i recognize that second spot from some KNS.LO flicks. theres a mix of big bike, fixed, and bmx in this one. so sick to see the different bikes out there filming together. dont miss it if ur down with big bikes.

quick clip: one trick of chu

this is a real solid quick clip///killer filming perspective, digging the slow motion, solid flatground trickery. sick//simple. repping CAVS and BB17

off TTopic?

i saw one of these the other day///pretty cool themed edit. a little bit of "tarck" tricking in here with a "keo spin".

mustafa & jr edit

start the day off with some lol shit. hahahaha. this ones killer.

tyler's sloppy line

shitload of new names these days///keep watch for the n00bs