skate shiTT

in case you didnt already know who terry kennedy was///this shit is sick anyways. TK came in hot///i dont remember the whole story, but this kid came up real quick. classic video part, intro is sick, shared with heath, fucking epic. dont hesitate to click it if you havent seen it.

phillip williams

phillip williams comes in hot with this one. sick crazy style like terry kennedy in baker2g/first edit like fuck it. some real good tricks in here. watch out for this guy/he's bound to be killing shit hard in no time. 


jotta from WEST FIXED came through with some epic shit on this one. themed edits are legit and jotta puts down some good tricks in this one.   looks like this ones for ZONTRAC///hit up their site, the shirts look pretty legit.  

rooTTs: bonedeth

this is the latest///always the fucking greatest shit from BONEDETH. looks like alex liiv got a signature frame: "THE LIIVING DEAD FRAME". this edit is good from the get go,  0:43 is super rad, the ender is fucking insane, and the slams are always nuts. 

unknown: seoul trick jam

UNKNOWN coverage of the seoul trick jam///rumor has it this shit was up on hypebeast lol. clean stylized edit, ks yun killing it on the edit. i dig this one. 

the bandit

some weird fuckin music in this one, but that kid in the grey hat has rad natural style. 

cole goes ape shit

the latest flick from cole ruffing///more from RYD. these guys definitely keep the webflicks coming nonstop. lol at the pink suit, the end slam is nuts, cole been putting in some practice as seen in the intro and it shows through the flick.

couple fresh flicks from 209COGS//the first is a quick one from alex nunez, real solid real quick. the second one comes in hot with the intro, lol at the skatepark fight shit. theres also some redbull bike park shit in here. check it.

quick clip: RYD welcome kendall

i love the grit in this one///fucking going for it///"flip in flip out shit"

quick clip: one liner

one liner


should be back to our regular
sɥonlp qǝ qɐɔʞ ʇo onɹ ɹǝƃnlɐɹ
scheduled programming momentarily///fuck the
sɔɥǝpnlǝp dɹoƃɹɐɯɯıuƃ ɯoɯǝuʇɐɹılʎ///ɟnɔʞ ʇɥǝ

eat shiTT

this week tuesday sucks//eat shiTT