bike check: anthony sanchez nempro

jball sent this one through. this is one of his friends whips. clean nempro build. head over to FLICKR for more and full bike check details. 

skate shiTT

grass roots skate shiTT at its finest.

phillip williams - fixie

this shit is pretty sick///fucking epic to see a new name with some killer potential show up on the scene. got some creative lines in here//digging the water gap. that skatepark looks sick too. dont miss this one, and watch out for phillip, if he sticks with this shit he's sure to be killing it.

big wheel bmx

caught this via cogwei's like list again. definitely some good riding in here and some good tunes. its a bike check for all the big bike readers. even if you arent on some big bike, this is a good edit.

one day hustlin

usually when a description says "nothing too serious" its either real weak or some classic good times shit. this ones killer. that early clip of everyone in the ditch doing back to back 180's is so classic. awesome shit guys. good stuff goes down in this.


kicking it oldschool again today

cole goes APE SHIT

cole has been going hard in the paint lately. he's obviously been getting his practice on as seen in the first few clips... thats how you hammer down a trick. solid edit from cole. theres a couple real solid slams in this and the pink suit is some funny stuff. by the way, cole, i think its ok to title your flick with the word SHIT on vimeo. hahaha. #justsayin

quick clip: nsp

a quick one from nsp///these guys keep it coming. kicking it old school with a roll out barspin.

Fucking Destroying It

Sean Eagleton sent these two shots over to me earlier, first one is Fucking Killing It for sure #TTIGERBLOOD tee//#TTIGERBLOOD frame//TT gusset ((done by Sean)).
Second pic is the new DESTROY crossbars. Word is they're in and up for grabs..$60. Good price considering how solid these bars are. I ride a set and love them. I was informed that this new run of bars has more back sweep for added comfort. Get 'em while you can.

TTiger gusseTT

Sean and the dudes at DESTROY have been working hard these days. This is the top tube gusset for my #TTIGERBLOOD frame, the pic has me beyond stoked. This shows you the extra detail and work that goes into a custom handmade in the USA frame. Destroy is doing shit right. I should have the frame real soon//hope to have some build pics up for saTTurday this week.