bike check: mike dinh leaves leader for livery

mike dinh (aka biggest barspin ever seen on a fixed bike) left leader to join the LIVERY DESING GRUPPE squad. seems like theyre building a pretty epic team right now. he will killing it on one of these hammer frames from now on. above pictured is his build which came out clean as fuck. check the tanwalls///so sick. mike knows how to drop a legit build, these frames look sick, i took congo's for a spin the other day and shit rides real comfortable. kill it mike. that first photo is courtesy of tony k who covers long beach like a motherfucker.... shit came out sick, and mike is going fucking huge. 
mike wanted to make sure that SCOTT at livery gets his///a big fuckin howdy to SCOTT at LDG for hooking this up, you doin it right man. 


this edit is so sick///ughs hit paris and put some good shit together. the songless edit is epic. these guys always keep it authentic and bring something original to the table. i love this one. watch it now.

rooTTs: bone deth bomber bars

sick///bone death is the fucking best

sfc park edit

that park looks like fun


epic visuals

skate shiTT

killer ditch spots///good tunes///real good skating


david grant kills shit///i slept on this one, but his edits are super sick. this one has some killer tunes///general classic rock and roll stoney feel to it. dont miss it.

icee edit

musgrave and jball got out to film some shit. always good stuff coming from these two. check that footplant action at 0:50///so sick. getting creative... and in case you havent heard, musgrave needs a left strap. hit him up if you got a half set laying around.


quick clip: can you manual

this is one of those new classic tricks///sick tho.


froots crew brings us a mountain stack of footage with this flick. tons of riding in here///kinda long so be ready to sit back and watch. theres some flatland and bmx mixed in too.

quick clip: jball

super fresh one liner from jball. im digging this one///old school with some new flavor on that first trick too. sick shit. his riding is definitely progressing.