chris (butcher)'s VEE RUBBER 29ER tires

two snags in a row from ZLOG///but these look too sick to not spread the word. HEAD OVER THERE for details. good//big//street 29er tires are hard to come by, these look epic. spread the word. 


caught this one over at ZLOG. pretty solid riding. good to see some new faces from seattle.

skate shiTT

apparently reynolds has a sock sponsor now... yeah skate specific socks... i dont get it, but this edit is pretty sick. i dig watching reynolds skate, and that park looks pretty rad.

skate shiTT

nasty skates as good as he rides fixed. this photo is sick as fuck. 

toTTal repost///the hisTTory channel

i posted this once before, but jball hit me up earlier suggesting this shit. if he doesnt remember, chances are you dont either. sam miller was a fucking slaughterhouse back in the day. who the fuck knows where he went, but i wish he was still in this. probably one of the smoothest styles in the early times, he kept it creative, and always innovative. i can remember when his first few edits dropped it was mind blowing. this goes back to the first days of mtb forks on track frames, the biggest tires were 35c, and pop up barspins were still sick hahaha.

quick clip///ryd: welcome kendall cooper

bar in bar out bitch hahaha. some tech shit from the ryd noob.


more from nsp///these guys keep it coming.


the new banned mixtape///this shit is so sick.