andreas swede roof top hop

caught this via oscar's likes on vimeo. andreas is killing it right now///he's been flying under the radar for too long. psyched to see where he goes with his fixed bike, he got that natural comfortable on a bike talent.

skate shiTT

weekend warriors vol 23///they keep it loose in this one... thats what all this shit is about. fuck around, as soon as you try to get all serious about your skate//bike//whatever you fuckin up.


lots of long beach footage in this one///that joey motta section is sick. all of it is sick, but that guy throws some crazy shit down. obviously pulled from THECOMEUP

bike check: BLKMRKT NSF

after i posted that last flick///i cruised over to BLKMRKT  to catch some news on the NSF and there was his bike build, full bike check. head over there and check it out. super clean build.

new bike edit

here's another one via LOCKEDCOG///he on fire today. this is one of those BLKMRKT NSF frames. looks sick comfortable. he slaughters some slick flatground. head over to SFC for some pics of the bike.

mike chacon and jamil gray for myspace

i saw this on LOCKEDCOG. caught me off guard just as much as him haha. i thought myspace was dead. interesting that myspace came after some fixed freestyle riders... these two always put it down. check it.

david fitzgerald edit 1.0

david is kickin shit out old school with some tarck flavor. i cant believe that aerospoke holds up to the abuse haha. we dont see much tarck style riding these days.

seoul trick jam trailer

i slept on this one///gotta ride my bike sometimes. this looks sick tho. real clean filming and editing. looks like jd was fucking going for it. cant wait to see the full edit.


haha///looks like coats has an edit coming soon. youll never be ready.

quick clip: F.A.S.T. 360

kendrick keeps em coming///heres a quick one of a couple back to back fly out 3's

24/SE7EN video mag 3

looks like they stacked some footage for this one. that steep bank spot is pretty sick.

front yard sessions 1

adam sent this through last night. if i had a front yard or lived in a suburban neighborhood like this id definitely get down like this as much as possible. this is how tricks get dialed. looks like hes got some solid shred in the works. thanks for sending it through man.


So fucking stoked on this. Kenny just sent these teaser shots to me. The frame is my custom DESTROY #TTIGERBLOOD 29". More info coming real soon//stay TTuned.

Thanks for the pics Kenny!