quick clip

hang five 180///pretty killer

summer in los angeles

packy just upped a new one. these guys always keep the spots fresh. he's been at this for a while and always has some new spots up his sleeve, the tricks keep getting better, and packy finds his way through creative lines, looks like they hit up houghton in long beach in this one, sick. he's still repping that #TTIGERBLOOD too. psyched to have packy rep TTv///psyched to see him on his come up.

photo: torey for bb17

if you follow torey on twitter///you would know he's been putting it down hard on his new frame as of late. this photo tells the tale. fucking sick massive gap to cellar door. take note; thats how you rep your new sponsor. not to mention, this photo is so killer.

will gibbons: untitled

will twitted this shit just a minute ago. its the latest///some stacked footage he's been sitting on. definitely good shit in here///some riding with the 1/8th inch squad, its good to see new shit from will. keep it coming man. head over and check out HIS TUMBLR theres some good shit on there.

photo: joe mckeag

snagged this photo of joe mckeag from TRICK TRACK fucking blasting one. thanks to tony k for posting it.

zlog crew mix

this ones super sick. caught it on ZLOG obviously///some stacked footage chris clappe has been sitting on for a while. so many epic tricks in here. my hightlites are 0:39///1:22///the ender///and j. ruff repping that TT shirt. psyched as fuck on this one.

unknown v2 builds

here's a couple clean UNKNOWN builds i caught on TRICK TRACK.

unknown bike co: seoul'd out

this edit is sick///UNKNOWN in seoul. rick and jd fucking kill it. some real big shit goes down///these two have their fixed game dialed. ricks nollie 180's are dialed and jd's blast to wallride toward the end is nuts. theres more worth mentioning, this is some must watch shit. clean production, the whole package in this one. fucking killing it.

skate shiTT

slave knows whats up with a good web edit. no shortage of creative lines and tricks in here either. that ender is sick as fuck. dont miss it.

oscar in ny

oscar is in ny w/ torey. fucking sick to put those two together. i cant fucking wait for the edit from this shit. prolly and torey have been snagging photos and footage. get psyched. one from WRAHW one from PROLLY.


cult X vans///bmx X skate. real good shit.

johor bahru trick comp

theres been a shitload of trick comps lately///here's coverage by meel lao of johor bahru.

monday sucks///eat shiTT

monday sucks///eat shit