shmob saTTurdays: nikko jow//xlife scorpio v2

The homie Nikko Jow just posted up this shot his his new xlife Scorpio V2 build. This thing looks sick//reppin SHMOB hard on the top tube.

big wheel bmx

good shit


this is some insane tech right here///caught via cogwei's likes on vimeo.


this is some heavy shit///

off TTopic: winter shred

i keep saying "im not going to post anymore winter shred flicks" but im still watching that shit occasionally and i come across gems like this///so im posting it. solid riding/filiming/editing/music in this one. check it, killer late season shred flick.

D.O.G(Dog of Gangseogu)

...even more from seoul, this is some mellow fixed riding. no real hammers in here, but the tunes are mellow, some wheelies, some cruising. dont usually post flicks like this... but it got me motivated to ride today so i thought id pass that on.

sfg team 2011 opening

not sure if i snagged this one the first time around or not///kinda old, but i been digging around youtube for seoul footage after seeing clips from the fixed comp. theres definitely some good riding going on out there.

skate shiTT: seoul

some skate shiTT from seoul///looks like theres lots of good spots out there.