quick clip: get ready

this is fucking killing it. such a sick edit. the best quick clip i think ive seen. congo is tough as shit///that slam was nuts. WOLFDRAWN always brings top notch edit/music/style. so sick. FUCKING KILLING IT.


epic visuals.


there is some real good shit in this one. i dont know how i overlooked these guys. maybe they are tagging it searchable or some shit. (tag em so i can find em everyone///unless you dont want em found). but this is so sick. a posse i never seen before making their presence known real hard. that roof gap at 2:43 was nuts.

off TTopic: "t-shirt stories"

if you didnt know///im a big fan of t-shirts. all TT-shirts so far have been my donation to fixed gear because i wanted to see people wearing them/i wanted to bring something different. havent watched this with sound yet, but it gets posted because im juiced on t-shirts. wear your manson/#TTIGERBLOOD proud. im psyched to see you guys rep that shit.

NSP (gabriel)

i caught this one last night but forgot to post

unknown bikes is now a sadio dealer

quick flick to bring it public///unknown now deals sadio. some shots of various parts/bars/chainwheels/all that.

ninja cats: sol smith for 14 bike co

i dig this NINJA CATS posse. sol brings some heat to this one. nollie bars are sick as fuck, some big stairs, and some weird in general coming from these guys. dont miss this. cruise over to the NINJA CATS BLOG and fuck your head up for a little bit.


mike brennan fucks shit up///theres some heavy lines, crazy tricks in this flick. 2:28 is plain insane.

skate shiTT

thrasher tours down under.

off TTopic: bike check

you may or may not have seen this a while back///but its track bike check. not the kind of shit i usually post, and im probably never going to go deep on this style of bikes. but im down for CITYGROUNDS and DAVE sent this through//im a supporter of local shit. my big question is///wheres the congo//matt//corey bike checks???

five tricks with wizard

this is fucking sick FINALLY a fresh wizard edit. he kills the tech flatground and this is proof. coming in hot with that 180 bar. marwin has supernatural skills... he's a fucking wizard.

toTTal repost

this one goes back a year or more///but we never saw much from taliban tom. for the time (even current) this shit was a huge drop. fuckin blew my mind//some total unknown comes out with some big shit and a crazy fixed setup like you never seen before. check it.

the hisTTory channel: sean coats

this ones over a year old///sean has been holding it down. this is a solid first edit, especially a year ago. 180's were dialed w/ no indian givers, kept it smoothe, kept rolling. not only that, but his gorilla build was so legit. the potential was obvious. these days he's killing it harder than ever w/ a signature style and some solid sponsors.

SHMOBTYLER repping TTv hard

shane posted this shit up on the SHMOB TUMBLR. so sick///thats dedication. TTvLER and SHANE rep TTv hard as fuck. head over to the tumblr and check em out.

rooTTs///quick clip: mark grime

a quick one from matt reyes aka SLUMWORM. always epic filming from this guy.