i know this is everywhere, but its some noteworthy shit, and if ur doing it right TTvBLOG is your only source for fixed freestyle haha. back on track, these LDG HAMMER frames look sick. kinda reminds me of a new "freestyle version" of the og BMW GANGSTA TRACK's take on street fixed frames. head over and check em out, the pics on their site are sick. 

skate shiTT///toTTal repost

i didnt catch this the first time around, and there was a flood of skate shiTT from goTThross... but this edit is sick as fuck. definitely give it a click if you missed it.


shane's been on an edit mission since he's bikeless. heres the second installment of bikeless. he's got some signature style going these days. i dig that shit. keep em coming shane



skate shiTT: dark side of the moon

this is nothing new if you follow skateboarding close//but if you dont, you should check this one out. ipath headed out to slick rock to skate some natural terrain. i think the photos came out way better than the flick. the magazine itself is fucking epic///i snagged a copy and its one of my favorite bits of skate shiTT.
head over to the SKATEBOARDERMAG blog for the back story.


some vacation shit from @WOLFDRAWN //head over there for more (photos and shit). i dig it. also///click on the video and head to his youtube for some killer tunes. #huyamouf


mark webb is killing shit. i caugh it over on TRICK TRACK, (thanks ahusted for posting), theres some nutty tricks in here. good mix of tech and big stuff, some epic spots, super creative tricks, the last 4 or 5 clips are so sick. fakie whip wtf.

big wheel bmx?

here's some trials influenced big wheel bmx? or is it bmx influenced trials? either way///some killer riding in here.

...one more redbull video

over a month later we still get edits from this event. had an epic weekend at this, i dig it when these keep popping up. pretty good coverage in this one, good editing too.