holy shiTT: kenny arimoto

i caught this on SHMOB via GNARCOTIX. shit is fucking massive, screen shot from an upcoming edit, cant wait to see how this shit goes down. kenny/DESTROY are killing shit right now. 


you probably already caught this on THE VOLUME SITE, but congo has moved on from volume bikes///still riding for RESIST tho. this is his latest LDG build, no word on whether he made the switch or if he's just trying shit out, but eiether way, im psyched for whatever he chooses to do. he fucking kills it/has been killing it for as long as i can remember. should be sick to see him ride something he can get legit with double pegs on. head over to VOLUME for their side of the story and a classic congo bike check.

thanks congo

skate shiTT: fuck security

@xxCONGOxx tweeted it///so i brought some flicks of skaters vs security guards. if you end up out there for go skate day, watch out for cunts like this.

skate shiTT: go skateboarding day

today is go skate day///if you can, get out there and kill it with one of these big mobs. shit looks fun as fuck.


i posted this shit up on trick track a while ago///i think its fucking sick. there were some negative comments that followed. fuck it/check this one out, its killer. CLINT knows how to make a web flick.

eat shiTT

caught this one on THECOMEUP. fuckin big one.

skate shiTT

melcher is definitely an "original coors" and he brings in gareth for a couple clips//sick.

the hisTTory channel

this one goes back 2 years if you can believe it///i totally remember this shit, but it doesnt seem like it was that long ago. those of you who are new to this, probably didnt know where this hand rail shit started or how. while this might not be the first, it was definitely one of the first few handrails on a fixed bike. if you were around back here, this shit blew your mind.

big wheel bmx

some big bike mini shred. nothing mind blowing, just mellow big bike trick shit.

keep it trick: seoul trick jam coverage

head over to KEEP IT TRICK for some photo coverage of the seoul trick jam. looks like vince has been repping the shit out of that #TTIGERBLOOD shirt i set him up with.

marco mammeta & zeph

caught this one over at MIXT MEAT mustve slipped past me. i do the best i can to bring other blogs forward//especially when they cover some shit that hasnt been seen everywhere///and MIXT MEAT is one of those im psyched on. head over and check em out. in this edit we have some mellow cruising and mini shred.


the first one is i dont know what///looks like some news report shit from HB. (my computer doesnt have sound right now). the second is some 20" fixed chillout via PROLLY

TT BB17 Htapohcysp Representative

haha... i gout a laugh out of this shit. torey always brings some entertainment to the mix.


the first kids name is "jacob santos"///that shit caught me off guard. haha. the second was sent to me by jball, looks like some irvine spots in there that i recognize. these are brand "n00bs" as far as i know, first time edits.


special ediTTion TT tonight. submission: gif and video by LEE///JCKSN