sean coats just dropped some new shit haha. #HUYAMOUF


@ZLOGBLOG (ZLOG ZACH) just twitted this one at me///sounds like these two show up at future tense and ride bikes and skateboards. some pretty solid fixed shit at the end. dig the tunes in the last part haha. head over to ZLOG for the whole story.

unknown live from seoul trick jam

this first one is so fucking sick///shit got me psyched.

vince is at the seoul trick jam snagging some clips///head over to the youtube for way more coverage.

chu video bike check and 1st edit

solid first edit and clean build. legit bits on that build too. its killer when someone comes out of the woodwork with a killer first edit. keep em coming chu.

quick clip: marwin ou

some flatground "wizardry" from marwin. psyched to see a new edit from him, its been way too long. he's gotta have something up his sleeve and probably some wizard tricks in the works. for now, check out this old quick one he upped.


some new shit from jball///they been stacking footage for a bit now. the tricks are getting more tech, digging deep in the spot vault too, i spy a spot that blew up in the doom video. sick flick from jball, this guy emails messages me frequently//i dig that kind of participation. check his shit out.

quick clips: steezysquares

snagged a few quick clips from "steezysquares" on vimeo///they keep coming. theres a learn shit clip, a skate clip, and a second look at that mike dinh slam from last week. they keep the shit coming so stay tuned to their youtube.


this edit is jammed with creative riding. ricky/banned is some of my favorite bmx to watch.

skate shiTT

"flat bar bike" i took a cruise around the NINJA CATS blog and came across this one. i usually stay clear of fuel tv type shit, but this is a rad concept. if you ever had a flat bar, you know its a bitch to get it around, and can get old just skating it out front your house. this is a killer concept//theres a bunch of rad spots to shove a flatbar around dtlb.

bsc in sac

tommy mao has been killing it lately//looks like he picked up a masochist frame from DESTROY. so fucking sick. also, this is our first look at the sac bike park. check it.

big wheel bmx

heres another one i snagged via big bike shredder, dan's, likes on vimeo. some killer park footage.

sol smith for ninja cats

real big roof drop from sol, he has wrists of steel.check out NINJA CATS

mamat 1st shred

a quick one from mamat//not bad for a first edit.

eat shiTT

mondays suck//eat shiTT///theres some fucking epic slams in here.