great white north volume 2

the second installation of great white north is pure entertainment. digging the music, super mellow vibes in this flick. vacant lot destruction, fixed tricks, spray cans, epic entertainment.

JD massive tire grab

vinceunknown hit me up with this JD pic//fucking massive tire grab. from the sound of it, he's been holding out on us haha. been hanging on to this photo for a while. its fucking gold, i dont know why he'd keep something this epic under his hat. so sick. head over to ANTHONY FURLONG'S FLICKR for more sick snaps.


these look pretty killer//especially for the crossbar culture out there. you know theyre quality coming from BB17 and 4.5 rise is fucking perfect. check the backsweep too, crucial. head over to the BB17 BLOG for more info. 

off TTopic: winter shred

not much in the way of fgmx content today so i went digging in the vault. haha. some funny shit, kinda unreal the tricks that go down on that oldschool deck. way off TTopic, its not even close to winter right now.

skate shiTT

new web flick from stereo//just upped a few days ago. always solid skating from this team. real good trick variety.

chp: fix-freestyle jam

more from sofus francisco, looks like a teaser for a jam session. always top notch filming and editing from this guy.

big wheel bmx

real solid edit from kudo//holding it down overseas. some friends at the end, lots of good riding. good looking bikes too.