rooTTs: bone deth diet grinders

the bone deth pegs are dropping soon//i plan to snag a couple of these, chrome ones are going to be fucking killer.

new frs homemade footstraps

check em out. definitely has that hand made look.

sad day down south// R.I.P. JEREMY "JJ" ADAMS

ronnie hit me up with this earlier today//i dont think its my place to comment, but he came to me with it, i thought i should definitely post it. here's what he had to say;
"A friend and fellow. Orlando Fgfs rider, Jeremy Adams, passed away yesterday. He was in a motorcycle accident early morning. He was there at the beginning (YOUTUBE VIDEO) and he was there at the end (VIMEO VIDEO). He always pushed me to ride hard, and he was always super stoked while we were out. He was a good friend, a solid bike rider, and an amazing person. He will be missed."

ride-drive safe out there/dont drink and drive/eyes on the road, no fucking around... you never expect these things, and they happen fast. head over to THINKSINKORSWIM for more

eat shiTT

this was up (in full) on youtube yesterday///i had intended to post it up today, but apparently it was "too gnarly for youtube" lol head over to THRASHER and check it out. head slam followed by puke is some fucked up shit.

yerson varela

i caught this at ZLOG. looks like yerson has been putting in work//and in long beach... shouldnt have slipped past me (you gotta tag your videos man). lots of long beach spots in this, some big tricks go down. that rail hop at 1:30 is pretty heavy. check it out//long beach fgfs is fucking killing it right now.

grime pro model prototypes

looks like mike and wonka will be developing a couple pro model bikes. these things look pretty sick. the rear end on the wonka bike is so killer. click over to the GRIME BLOG for more.

torey thornton's bb17 "29er proto"

head over to the BB17 BLOG for more detailed pics.

colby elricks unknown v2

saw this on the UNKNOWN blog earlier. looks like colby buit up a v2//legit build, looks clean. stay posted to unknown for a proper bike check.

the hisTTory channel: TYLER JOHNSON

tyler's been in this fixed trick game since way way back//according to vimeo this flick is 3 years old... back to the days of track specific frames, tiny tires, toeclips and double straps, its hard to believe that frame held up against the abuse.  tyler has a super natural style, insane balance, and even had a deep bag of tricks back in these days. a lot of the people who paved the way for fixed freestyle have since fell off, but tyler is still holding it down harder than ever. pay respect to those who showed us what was possible on these bikes.

big wheel bmx

kns.lo kills it on the big bike shit/this ones older, but still sick.

off TTopic: kidult strikes again

i heard about this a little while ago//heres the video. kinda seems like this is rigged (#justsayin). supreme is way to in with this kind of shit, and its too good a publicity stunt not to be rigged (imo) fuck me if im way off base with that shit. might not be, but seems a little suspicious. definitely sick either way//these kidult flicks are nuts, public as fuck.




team rat shit haha. this ones fucking rad. these guys are living the dream harder than anyone.

eighth inch pre mwm street

sick flick of the eighth inch posse killing some street spots before mwm. krislc gets smoother with every edit, got those footplant whips dialed these days. theres some killer riding in here for sure.

broken tooth

i really dig this one//adam sent it through last night, some front yard shred til the fork breaks. kendrick is looking real good on his bike these days, natural, solid barspin, lookin like bike is second nature. this is the art of hammering down on a cracked fork til it blows out.

skate shiTT

low life tour episode 3//continuation from yesterdays skate shiTT post.

get me GUCCHI on the phone

BMORE FIXED kills it, all these guys rip. sick quick park session.

curtis ballard

This is Curtis Ballard. You may recognize him from the recent 209cogs edit. This dude kills it on BMX and fixed & From what I understand, he just got started in the fixed game. He rides for DESTROY bicycles and the recntly opened Black Sheep Cycles in Stockton, CA//Watch the fuck out for Curtis Ballard.