boothby for star nectar

here's another one i caught via LOCKEDCOG (dude is on fire today). head over to his blog and check it out//digging that ramp park coverage too. in this flick boothby tears down a sick backyard setup. ~@brad you got competition on the backyard ramp game haha.

dae-gu city

i caught this over at LOCKEDCOG. im on the same page as him on this one//so fucking good to cruise the city at night. they got some solid marble ledges to ride ...and fuck, its kind of unbelievable how many people are on unknown frames these days, so sick. CHECK OUT 382

sofus francisco welcomes dave noakes

SOFUS FRANCISCO keeps clean web edits coming. theyve brought someone new to the mix. head over to their site for more info and background on dave. 

quick clip: thrash//hit the line

heres another one from shiloh and thrash featuring ryan marmaraldo. thats two for today, these guys are getting after it right now. solid line.

zlog: portland day shred

looks like the ZLOG mob headed down to portland for the day. that first park looks like fun. definitely good tricks put down in this one. hit up ZLOG for more.



skate shiTT

low life tour episode 2//tales from the road with a posse thats not afraid to fuck shit up.

quick clips: unknown in korea


i came across these at KEEP IT TRICK. these guys are killing shit out there. also saw some pics of vinceunknown repping some #TTIGERBLOOD//SIIICK

fixed fest

looks pretty sick//mike, make sure to lie about contact with animals at customs hahaha.

eat shiTT with bonedeth

some of this is painful to watch haha. bonedeth always delivers.

quick clip: thrash

solid one line quick clip//thrash posse is getting way better.

~@brads first day on his cult bmx

brad is looking real comfortable on that new CVLT setup. he was telling me that aside from his sidehack, he hasnt had a bmx since his dyno vfr back in the kid days///fuckin natural. pissy got skills too.