michael chacon fixed fest indonesia

looks like mike on a bike is tearing it down out there//that autograph shit blows my mind. so sick. these guys are living the fucking dream out there.

bike check: JOB's dual 26 SADIO BOOSTER

@southernfantasy aka john o'brian aka JOB sent through some pics of his sadio booster build. you dont see these every day. clean build, legit kit, and BURRO FUCKING STRAPS haha. i dig the black and white colorway. these frames look pretty solid, geo looks good, its killer to see builds. thanks JOB for sending this shit through.

big wheel bmx

big bike mini shred from japan.


both of these are old, but theyre the kind of shit that if you havent seen//you have to watch em. both flicks are pretty short and should fuck your head up on some level. if youve already seen em, watch em again. way too epic to miss. MUST SEE TTv.


been posting way too much new stuff lately

skate shiTT

quick flick from gareth stehr

alec aranowitz solo edit

according to the vimeo description this kid is in 8th grade. watch the fuck out if he sticks with this. the skills aged faster than he did, and theres more than a couple "grown-ass" tricks in here haha. stay at it man, keep that shit coming.

flat fix: odaiba jam session

some chill in the park edit from flat fix. its good to see all the bikes together, 26er, fixed bikes, bmx, nothing super crazy goes down, but it looks like some good times.