Death of a Butcher ((The Sequel))

My second Eighthinch Butcher is officially dead. I attempted to prolong its life by designing and installing my own custom gusset (top pic) using vinyl eletrical tape and #TTIGERBLOOD. As you can see, it didn't do me any favors. I'm hoping for a refund on this frame so I can put a down payment on a custom DESTROY. From this point until the time where my new frame is built, I'll be riding my original Dawes SST frame. I've put it through a lot of abuse and it hasn't failed me yet.

BikesDirect//37c dont limit me

sixtwelveeleven session

more from BRAD DOWNIE//he stays on it, puts some good shit together. this ones mostly bmx with some fixed riding from brad. he fucking kills at park riding, looks real natural, keeps his speed up.

FGLONDON: redbull sf street photos

PROLLY suggested i check this out. ANDY ELLIS of FGLDN was out in sf for the redbull event. he captured some killer photos of the posse killing street spots//still super psyched to see these shots of everyone in TT-SHIRTS. theres even a couple i pics dont think we ever saw video of. head over to the FIXED GEAR LONDOND BLOG and check em out. if ur into it, check ANDYFUCKINGELLIS photo blog, i went for a quick click and kept scrolling, definitely worth a look.

unknown in korea

here's the first video update from the american squad in korea//if you follow on twitter it sounds like theyre killing it on the good times shit out there. check it/hopefully more pop up.

big wheel bmx

big bike mini shred followed with some bmx mini shred.

weekend wit da iphone

this is the goods right here. mike dinh, sean coats, christian musgrave, charles ton. iphone filmed, some long beach grit, dinh takes a couple hard slams, good shit goes down. hometown heroes putting in work.


oss fu3 trumpet mix. 1:16 is sick. oss never disappoints.

epiffny clothing webstore live

as promised//EPIFFNYCLOTHING.COM is live and all shirts are $13 for the 13th. get em while theyre on sale.

eat shiTT

mondays suck//eat shiTT