gus molina at eastabrook

gus and WRAHW are two of my favorite names in fixed. this shit is rad, dig the rawness of it. torey always captures rad shit. this is killer one liner from gus. also, this park looks so fucking rad. must see TTv.

to affinity and beyond

this is some epic footage stacking, such a good first solo edit. even WRAHW is repping this shit over at his joint, and he rarely posts fixed flicks. so many good tricks in here. cant wait to see more from sam. BMOREFIXED is coming up hard right now.

day trip 2 ~@sd

gnar brad keeps us entertained. i dig these fixed love flicks. the first spot is sick, looks like some good shit went down. pissy/brad/cookie have stepped their game up so hard as of lately, long beach blowing up.


some summer time vibes//mellow tunes, creative spots, good riding, killer posse. it doesnt have to be high def to be on some killing it shit.

krislc: trash

for whatever bullshit reason this wont play on my computer. im sure its quality coming from kris. check it.