SHMOB saTTurdays: SHMOB//209cogs//SF

Met up with the dudes from 209cogs in San Francisco today. Hit some cool spots including the Kezar stadium rail, which Tommy Mao killed, and the De Young museum where Dawson Phan and Alez Nunez put in some work. Tyler Louie was fucking killing it too....bombed a grass hill straight into a volleyball net and took out the whole thing & proceeded to put it back together #TTIGERBLOOD


skate shiTT

dylan rips//raw footage style, no music.


the intro tricks/slams are heavy. tons of good footage here.


...more street riding from mke. this one is so fucking good. so many rad shots, the intro is nuts like some movie intro shit. this is one of the best street riding edits ive seen in a while. matt puts edits together on some pro shit. psyched to see him repping some #TTIGERBLOOD in there too. thanks to everyone out there wearing these shirts, thanks to matt for this rad look at mwm2. dont miss it.

only in milwaukee

i thought we seen everything from mwm2 by now//obviously not. a bunch of my favorite riders to watch have some super sick tricks/lines in this one. this mke street riding is so rad. dont miss this one, sam really put it together; good filming, good trick, quick clip changes, and a classic cam song.

slow sob

this is some killer slow mo shit. its been on vimeo for a while now, but i missed it the first time around. awesome editing and slow motion.