off TTopic: friday night//fuck shit up

fuck it//LOL

friday night//fuck shit up

some classic skate shit for friday night.


ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ//brand new shit

quick clip: big bmx

caught this via dans likes on vimeo. sick big bike quick clip.

skate shiTT

moose and friends at p-rod park. this park looks so good. anyone rode fixed here? looks like it could be kinda crammed for big bikes, but theres some killer stuff to shred.

rooTTs, ben lewis bakers dozen

@xxCONGOxx put me on to this shit last week, so im following now. this flick is fucking unreal, so many tricks in here i dont think ive ever seen. must see TTv//fucking killing it.

bmore fixed kills

heres a couple shots i snagged from BMOREFIXED. they stay killing shit. that colin foster photo is so fucking sick and the second one looks like its from the stairs over the rail. pretty nutty. sick shots, head over to their blog and check em out.

bike check: unknown v2

here's another UNKNOWN V2 i snagged from UNDEADFRED on TRICKTRACK. legit build. i rolled on mine with a set of 5 inch bars for a bit. it definitely feels good like that if you can get over the looks of bars that tall on a big bike. this build actually looks legit like that, better than mine did. you definitely want tall bars on that neg bb. full build spec;
Medium Unknown V2 frame
Charge Scissor fork
Eclat headset
Sinz 5" bars
Mutiny Grips
Stolen Mid BB
Eighthinch Cranks 165mm
Deity splined sprocket
Shadow pedals
Burro Straps
26"Alex rims
All-City Sherrif rear hub Formula front hub.
CST Cyclops 2.4 front tire
Michelin 1.85 rear tire
Odyssey seat
Alienation seatpost
Front shadow peg
Rear Gsport Pleg.

quick clip: kengo

caught this one with the bike check at PHOENIX.

bike check: kengo's dual 26 BB17 charmer

just caught this over at PHOENIX, murdered out charmer 26. these builds look so good. head over HERE or HERE for the full bike check.